Monday, August 31, 2009

Nine Months?

Ok so I will just write a little bit, Sorry I always feel like I need a picture to post something and I guess I will have to one more time of me pregnant. I am just thinking that the Dr. was wrong because I am huge and so uncomfortable. I know I probably felt this way with Josh and maybe I notice it more now cause I have someone to look after. I heard that every pregnancy gets harder I am just glad that I will forget this feeling now when I am ready for another baby. I wish we could be like some animals that are only pregnant for a few months or even weeks. I guess Heavenly Father knows what he is doing though.
Josh is talking alot now, mostly in his own language but at least he knows what he is saying. I do think that he is a little smarter than I give him credit. He tries to talk his way out of trouble. The other day he climbed up on top of this book shelf we have and when I found him I a was trying to explain to him that it was dangerous and that he can't do that in a stern voice but he kept saying mom, mom, mom, so sweet I finaly said "what Josh" and then I think he was trying to tell me that he saw the candles (he loves smelling candles, never lit of course), I just got candle holders for them. Anyway it was really cute, he has tested me again when he goes over there then looks back to see if I watching but he is pretty good about obeying, luckily.


  1. YOU ARE SO CUTE! AND SO IS BABY JOSH, the little baby in your oh so cute belly is oh so cute too :)! oh man, I just love you guys.

  2. That is so cute! Kids are hilarious. I can't believe you are so close to having another baby! Do you have any names picked out? Good luck, hopefully he comes soon!